ChangeCorp is a mobile content and app developer that that creates and distributes highly relevant localized content for the ‘mobile-only’ middle class consumers in emerging markets.

The primary targets are women, families and entrepreneurs to advance their social and economic development. We currently help hundreds of thousands of loyal, profitable customers learn how to start a business, manage money, become a better parent, access women’s mentors circles, and more.

ChangeCorp offers mobile services in 27 languages in 72 countries throughout the United States, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Russia, Asia and India.

By 2018, we will reach 60 million users throughout the world.

  • The SmartWoman Project is our flagship brand that supports and connects women through social and economic empowerment skills
  • MyFamily – practical advice to young parents
  • SmartBusiness – how to launch and run a business
  • MoneyMatters – financial literacy, budgeting and management

ChangeCorp Brochure

For information about our programs, contact us today at: info@change-corp.com.

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Partnerships and Awards

2015 – Global Development Partner for Internet.org by Facebook


2013  – Finalist for GSMA Global Mobile Awards “Best Educational Product or Service” for eLife Tablet for Teachers
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2013 – International Telecommunication Union (ITU) as Official Partner and Supporting Agency for “The SmartWoman Project”

2012 – “Emerging Market Service Innovation Award” with Nokia and Indosat for Women’s Empowerment- Indonesia by the Global Business Telecom Association

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