eLife Tablet for Teachers

The eLife Tablet for Teachers provides schools and community centers an efficient way to teach valuable life and business skills lessons to students in need. The eLife Tablet gives teachers the ability to receive curriculum and lesson plan updates, evaluate the students, valuable training techniques and ability to connect to resources outside the classroom.

The eLife Tablet will help both students and teachers achieve positive change for their life, and long-term social impact for their community.

Finalist for GSMA Global Mobile Awards “Best Educational Product or Service”

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eLife Curriculum/Lesson Plans

  • Life Skills
    Decision-making, problem-solving, critical thinking
  • Communication Skills
    Interpersonal, advocacy, empathy
  • Financial Skills
    Simulation of independent living to be on own financially
  • Livelihoods/Vocational/Job Training
    Transition to the workforce and employable skills
  • Business/Entrepreneurship
    Launching and running a business
  • Additional Materials
    Blogs, Survey/Evaluation, Applications, Library, Links
Main Screen

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Lesson Modules

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Lesson Plan

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Library Page

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Blog Page

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Available in Android

User Interface

EnableM’s Magic Pencil


Application is available for use in 22 countries in the local language and cultural context.