My Family

Providing a daily guide to parents with the purpose of supplying information:

  • Child rearing skills
  • Financial Empowerment
  • Life Skills
  • Parenting Advice
  • Languages: English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Swahili, Kiswahili, Kanyarwanda, Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Telugu, Bengali, Punjabi, Kannada, Guarati, Malayalam, Tamil, Tagalog, Bahasa, Dhivehi, Khmer


Offering daily messages, tips and advice as a tool to educate young parents.


Application is available in the local language and cultural context.

MyFamily 1    MiFamilia 2


Available in all platforms:

  • SMS
  • HTML5
  • Android
  • iOS
  • IVR
  • GPRS