Goal of ChangeCorp’s engagements:

  • CONTENT creation to provide relevant information to the user in their language and literacy level—“trans-adaptation process”
  • Promote economic SUSTAINABILILITY by creating low-cost and efficient services
  • SCALE impact by including new groups and wider audiences
  • Reengineer Social Responsibility to create COMMERCIAL VALUE
  • Develop strategies for PARTNER INTEGRATION working with the local organizations to drive on-the-ground efforts to complement our mobile services


  • Fast growing marketplace: Globally, mobile broadband subscriptions in emerging markets will be 1.7 billion by 2017
  • Targeting an Audience of “Mobile-Only” Users:
    • Women: ages 20 to 40, middle income, urban
    • Parents of young children: ages 20 to 35, middle income, urban and rural
    • Youth: ages 16 to 25, students, urban
  • Lack of localized Apps in developing countries
    • 20% of consumers cannot find content in their local language
    • 24% cannot find content they are looking for such as education information
    • 18% cannot view content from App stores on their current devices

Our Clients Include

  • Telecom Operators
  • Handset Providers
  • Educational institutions
  • Curriculum, lesson plans
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Governments, such as Ministry of Education, Health, or ICT
  • Non-Government Organizations (NGO) working with marginalized populations