The Mobile Content and App Developer for Emerging Markets

ChangeCorp is a mobile content and app developer for ‘mobile-only’ middle class consumers in emerging markets. We offer a combination of expert content, social networking and connectivity in one-platform – localized by language, region and culture. We have a strong focus on women, families and entrepreneurs offering services to support self-reliance and economic development.

We currently help over one million of loyal, profitable customers learn how to start a business, manage money, become a better parent, access women’s mentors circles, and more.

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Facebook cites SmartBusiness as a case study for the value of Free Basics platform.

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Self-empowerment of women by connecting them with each other and providing expert content on a variety of topics.



Providing tips and advice to young parents educating them in matters child rearing, life skills and more.


Financial literacy including banking, money management, credit, and budgeting.


A guide to help youth become more prepared for the workforce

Farmers gain information on market pricing, new agricultural techniques, market advise.

Start your own business and learn to be a successful leader.


ChangeCorp is now a Global Content Provider to the Free Basics by Facebook on Vimeo.

We support the following platforms: